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The CSN facilitates meetings and events throughout the year across the Central West LHIN gathering the voice of Mental Health and Addiction consumers. If you’re interested in being a part of our Network and would like know about our meetings in your area please enter your contact information below.

As a member of our Network you will receive quarterly newsletters, meetings & event invitations and information about many opportunities you can participate within your area. The areas of focus include; Brampton, Bramalea, Dufferin, Bolton/Caledon and North Etobicoke/Malton.

As part of our Network you will have opportunities to participate In CSN activities such as;

  • CSN Regionals Meetings – July/August/January
  • Annual Enlighten Conference (October)
  • Recovery Writing Workshops
  • Peer Support Opportunities

*Your information will be kept private and confidential and will not be used outside of communications related to participating in CSN activities*